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"Try to do everything wholeheartedly and the divine grace will shower on you naturally. People want lectures; I give them silence. For the mind to flower, it has to go beyond what it knows."
"A genuinely warm and gifted teacher, Osi has a heart as big as the world. Her arms are open to everyone and spending time in her classes leaves her students feeling seen and loved just for being present. She personifies loving-kindness and is one of the strongest pillars of our Anusara community."
when we underestimate adversity, we jeopardize our three treasures: compassion, simplicity, and humility.

The Yurt

In 2010 I had a vision to create an ashram or a retreat center.  My intention is to teach from home just like the scholars and yogis practiced for years. I first experienced a yurt during a ski trip, where, one night going to dinner, we were taken deep into the woods in the mountains. There nestled between the trees, at the end of a snow covered path was the Yurt.  I immediately felt a sense of healing and nurturing.  A place where I felt that I could let go, drop into my heart, and feel completely at home.